the Course in Surrender

In the face of Resistance, here you are, having followed your call to Surrender.

I am here to lead you on this path you're about to walk to fully EMBODY this new way of Life.

In this seven-day course you will move from a constant state of

DOing, Forcing and Swimming Against the Current into BEing, Allowing and in Flow.

Mmmmmmmm... How good does that feel just to read that?

I'm Leading & Guiding you through Daily Video Teachings, Meditations & Journal Exploration

at your own pace and with forever access

I'm going to tell you something, in case you didn't know there was another way... 

You don't have to keep swimming against the current.

You don't have to give so much time and energy forcing life to happen.

You don't have to be hanging on to tightly to control.

You don't have to DO, DO, DO & GO, GO, GO.

You don't have to feel like you're spiraling out.

You don't have to be victim to life happening TO you.

You don't have to be afraid life will fall apart if you stop. 

It won't.

You get to STOP. You get to create space to BE.

You get to let go and live in flow.

You get to release the weight of control and trust you are held.

You get to feel grounded and supported.

You get to allow life to unfold and FOR you.

Breathe this all in, right now.

You get to shift from feeling resistance, to surrender.



You've found your way here, and have been called to Surrender because you're spiraling

or stuck (or lucky enough to be both, like I was). You're in the energy of pushing and forcing,

of struggle and a grasp on control so tight and feel like you're tirelessly swimming against

the current in an area of your life or all of life in general. 

Ugh, I know all the feels you're feeling attached to all those words it just pained me to write.

I know because I've been in it and moved through it. I walked the path from resistance to allowing,

grounded in a whole lotta trust to living in a state of Surrender. It became my biggest season of growth so that I get to lead you on your path and you get to be free and in flow, find ease, create space and breathe in way more of the BEing than the DOing and allow life to unfold. 

I’m inviting you to feel it here, now for only a moment. Right now, take a breath. Seriously.

Breathe in deep, hold for a moment, and now let it out. Keep breathing, finding the natural flow of your breath, allow your forehead to soften, your eyes to rest a moment, unclench your jaw, drop your shoulders from your ears and on the next breath, find the ground. That’s it. Keep breathing.

Surrender, simply, to this moment. 

In that space you just created, that drop into Surrender.



the Course in Surrender

the Teachings

 >>> the Call to Surrender <<<

Connecting to the area in your life you feel resistance, like you're swimming against the current. 

Bringing awareness to your call to this work and honouring your following it. That awareness is half the journey!

>>> the Pause <<<

 This is the moment you begin to Surrender and you get brave enough to get still and you breathe 

and you continue to create space in your life, and PS. find that life continues to move even when you stop.

>>> the Letting Go <<<

In this teaching you find strength in loosening your grip on what you're trying to control and detach from the outcomes you push for. You let go as you begin to lean into trusting and allowing life to unfold FOR you.

>>> the Trusting <<<

Inviting you to trust in the space you create, in the stillness, that you are supported by

something bigger than you are and that trust that life is happening FOR you and for your highest good. 

>>> the Allowing <<<

Where you give permission to life’s unfolding and allow it. You're now finding comfort in the BEing and letting go, deepened in trust and feeling good about it. No longer swimming against the current, but flowing WITH it.

>>> EMBODY <<<

Honouring where you are, NOW, having followed your call and walked the path on your

journey to integrate the teachings within the Course to Surrender, and cultivate this new way of life. 

A meditation guiding you into the embodiment of SURRENDER. 



In 2019, I made Surrender my word of the year. It came to me in meditation and I wrote it on a pretty square of paper and taped it on the wall at my altar with no idea what it was going

to mean for me, how I would reach it or what it would feel like. 

I would learn a couple of months into that new year when I was called to Surrender

in my work against the state of hustling, pushing, forcing, controlling and it was in the face of resistance I was called to just stop, to let go, trust, surrender and allow.

It was scary, messy, and fucking beautiful. Everything that was meant for me flowed to me and I've been swimming, surrendered, WITH the current since. 

Surrender is for you, the woman brave enough to stop DOing and begin BEing;

Brave enough to pause and breathe; Let go of control, Deepen into trust you're supported; 

Sink into surrender; Allowing your life to unfold within the stillness while you

come back home to yourself, embodying all that you've learned as a way of life. 

I am here to empower, guide and lead you into Surrender

On your own journey to cultivate this new way of life, fully embodied, SURRENDERED.

© Kim McConaghy. 

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