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I Lead Women Ready to Get Brave enough to Stop DOing and Start BEing,

BRAVE enough to BREATHE.

Hey love,

I'm Kim. I'm a SELF-Empowerment Coach offering meditation-inspired guidance into your SELF.

I believe in CONNECTION -

to Ourselves & to One Another.


creating & holding space for

connection within you and community.

I'm SO grateful you're here.

I invite you to join me in My Warrior Circle - the free

online community & Circle + Retreat- locally

& into a deeper dive within in any of my

1:1 Meditation-Inspired Mentorship Offerings  

guiding you, loving you, supporting you, empowering you, leading you out of your head & into your authentic power.

I've Got You.

My own strength to show up for myself and for my life has paved a path for you to walk with me as we work together to build you a foundation of daily rituals and mindset for your mental wellness and move fully into your SELF, to create your reality. That sounds pretty amazing, right? More than simply existing.

Because I FEEL YOU in where you are right now. Stuck in the stories your mental UNwellness wrote for you. Too uncomfortable in the comfort of those stories and ready to start showing up, to REWRITE those stories, to find yourself but you feel lost in knowing where or how to start. Ya, I FEEL you. 

I was there. For.so.long. So stuck. And one day, I opened my journal, put my pen to paper, took a deep breath

and asked myself, "What is standing in my way?" My pen moved, without hesitation, and I read the answer, "MYSELF". And that was THE moment I made a choice to show up for myself, over and over and over again,

coming into my power to CREATE MY LIFE. And I'm here for you, to help you do the same. I've got you. 

Leading Meditation Circle within my local community creates a safe, supportive and loving space for women to connect with themselves and with one another. It's where I share one of the most powerful life tools that supports my mental wellness, changed my life and that connected me to my true self, guiding me to my true purpose, to show up and hold space for you. Holding space for the women in Circle through the years and through my own growth is where I naturally became someone who my fellow Warriors turned to.

My actual human design is to serve you from my heart, to touch and change your life. To bring people together and to support and protect my Tribe... that's you, Warrior. It is my purpose to guide you into your SELF, to create your reality. I hold space for you so sacred in my heart and energy to empower you. 

I believe that we CREATE our life and when you're ready to get our of your own way (I mean if you're still reading this, you're ready) I'm insanely passionate about showing you HOW to SHOW UP for yourself

and how to LIVE your LIFE with intention and on purpose and FULLY supporting you along the way.

I believe in being human. I coach myself to show up every day and some days in every moment. I've grown out of the darkness, from self sabotage to self love and in heart and on purpose and I'm here for you. 

I know the strength it takes to exist everyday. I also moved from simply existing into showing up for myself and then taking back my power to create my reality. ⠀

There was a really long chapter of my story written in the darkness of depression, but that’s not my whole story. ⠀ Meditation, the catalyst.

There’s the next chapter where I come into the light. And then the one titled, Myself, where I learned that was the only thing holding me back and then the next chapter where I start showing up for myself in daily rituals of self discovery and the chapters where I get to know myself, honour my worth, love and nurture myself a little more, talk shit about myself a little less and believe in myself a lot more and set hard boundaries around what’s most important to me to start showing up to create my life.⠀

And then there’s this chapter... The chapter where I guide you into allllll of that.⠀

My own strength and growth and truth I found in stillness paves a path for you to walk with me for Six Weeks with the tools, support, accountability, empowerment and love Into your SELF, to create your reality. 

Kim xo 

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