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Conscious Connected Breathwork helps develop and deepen self awareness, relieve stress, tension and anxiety, increase joy and pleasure, reduce chronic pain, improve sleep quality, improve circulation and lower heart rate and balance blood pressure, improve digestion, release trauma and stuck emotions, oxygenate the blood, release toxins, improve and deepen relationships, increase focus and creative flow, regulate the nervous system, rewire unhealthy patterns and shift our belief system, increase energy level and boost our immune system.

To breathe within a community of conscious humans gathering to experience the power of the breath, expanded by the energy of the collective, remembering how connected we really are, that we are all one.

BREATHWORK | Kim McConaghy
Kim McConaghy Testimonials

'Kim's Breathwork session completely exceeded my expectations and took me on a beautiful, transformative journey. From the moment I entered, her warm and welcoming presence made me feel instantly at ease. Her inclusive and supportive approach created a safe space for everyone involved. I could sense her genuine care and love for what she does. Her personality radiated light, drawing us all in.

During the session, I discovered a whole new level of release and freedom. It was a beautiful journey of letting go and allowing myself to fully surrender. With Kim's guidance, I delved deep into my breath, and it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I experienced a profound sense of liberation and a connection to something greater than myself, providing a gateway to self-discovery and inner peace.

Thank you, for providing such a beautiful and transformative experience. Your passion and dedication shine through in every moment of the session. I am truly grateful for the light and love you brought into that space. I can see how each time you experience a session, you would be able to experience it at a deeper level."  - Peggy Sloan

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