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My own journey with the breath began nearly ten years ago when I was in the right place at the right time with the right person (and so it goes) talking about how I wanted to meditate and that I knew I needed it, but I didn’t know where to start… Which is crazy to say out loud, right?

To not know where to start when we come into this world on a breath and it moves from then continuously through to this very moment. But it’s true, isn’t it?

I had been struggling with my mental health for decades, slipping into depression and spiraling into anxiety that would throw me into panic attacks. I said out loud that I knew meditation would change my life. I actually

said that it seemed like “the hip thing to do."

The woman, this stranger, listening to me looked at me and said, "I can teach you." Sheri's invitation changed my life and over time has helped me help others to change theirs. I hope any invitation you find here on this site is one that you accept. From there I began to meet Sheri in her living room every week for weeks to come while a community formed. She became my mentor.

My practice deepened and I eventually followed the pull to guide others on their journey.

If I go back even before that, I see how it actually began in college when I was invited to a group meditation by my weirdo roommate who spent too much time alone, smelled of patchouli, ate only plants and used natural deodorant. The weirdo that I literally am now, but far from it at the time. I smelled of weed and alcohol and my diet consisted of junior bacon cheeseburgers and I used body sprays made up of allllll the chemicals. I ignored her invitation until she trapped me in passing in the hallway of our shared house and whispered, “I really feel it will be good for you.” I silently sat in the passenger seat of her car and she took me to someone’s house, down into the basement where I could've been murdered and maybe felt a bit of that level of fear. But instead I sat in a circle with one eye open watching a large group in meditation. More than 20 years later here I am, the place that felt so foreign then is now where I feel most at home...

With the breath, with you. We always see how the dots connect backwards to lead us right where

we’re supposed to be on this path, don't we?

The power of the breath shifted for me beyond bringing me into the present moment, it began to support my healing on a deeper level. I began being guided in Conscious Connected Breathwork, an active form of meditation, by Jenn Mansell both in group

and one-on-one in 2019 and in 2022 began an eight-month / 400-hour Inner Healing Journey and Breathwork Facilitation Training through Alchemy of Breath.

This was where the impact of my work with others could begin to deepen. I graduated in Tuscany, Italy in 2023 and immediately began mentoring and working towards another 400 hours for my certification as a

Breathwork Practitioner to be completed in 2024.

​Today I feel most at home when I slow enough to create presence amongst the chaos of this human experience.

I feel at home in Forest, ON with my husband,

our two sons and our Scottish Terrier Berkley

(who I have an unhealthy obsession with).

So here we are, now. You and I.

Whether you’re finding the breath or

deepening your experience with it, I’ve got you.

Thank you for being here. Breathing here.

May the Breath Guide you Home.

Kim xo

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