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I Want This For You

Let’s talk about meditation and about how it’s become the greatest gift for my mental health... for my life and a gift I want so badly for you to give yourself. I've been reminiscing on my own journey that began a few years ago when I had felt a strong pull to meditate but I was stuck on where and how to start. Turns out, as life unfolds, I said it to the right person at the right time and the woman next to me invited me into her home weekly to guide me in meditation. I later started hosting in my own living room, where Sheri came to lead us and grew in my practice and was pulled to take the gift Sheri taught me and share it in Meditation Circle and have been gathering with women in my local community - connecting with ourselves and with one another - for two years already! I incorporate meditation for you into both one-on-one mental wellness coaching and group coaching programs and like group coaching, the connection and energy that Circle creates with my fellow Warriors is where I’m most in heart and on purpose and serves you at the highest. Meditation takes me out of my head and into the stillness and truth of my heart. It’s a place I want you to discover and to know that the more you keep showing up for yourself and returning to your breath, the more peace you will find within that stillness.

I'm going to hit the nail on the head (is that the saying?) on the two reasons you're not meditating... let me know if I nailed it. 1 / You’re not sure HOW 2/ You’re too Busy I got you, Warrior.

See I knew I wanted to meditate, but didn’t know where to start and so I was guided by someone else. That’s my HOW. I was guided and now I guide others so that it can be your HOW. Group Meditation is a great way to just start. You’re not coming into something new on your own, you’re held in a space where your purpose is to JUST BE and you experience the shift it makes for you. And that leads to #2 that maybe you think you’re too busy to meditate. Once you begin to feel the shift, you begin to make it a priority and so you are intentional about carving out the time for it. So just start.

By taking three deep breaths right now and setting a reminder on your phone daily to BREATHE. Then set a time in the day (realistic to your life) and set your timer for two minutes daily to find stillness and continue to increase that time weekly. Plug into a guided meditation online to support your practice, grab a Mindfulness Gift & Meditation HERE. HERE’S THE THING... We have time for the things we make a priority, and you're a priority. If you just start, and you begin to feel that shift, you will begin to make it a priority. You will want more of that feeling. Trust me. It’s important. It’s for you. You’re important. It’s for your life. You’re worth taking the time out of the chaos and into the stillness within you. It’s there. I promise. Love you! xo

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