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So, we Stay

Updated: Apr 3

The word and the feeling and the intention to STAY has been within me for a few months now.

As an invitation to explore the way that we can consciously choose to stay and experience more presence within ourselves, within our relationships and within our lives.

And it's hard AF. And it also doesn't have to be perfect.

As many moments as we move away from, numb from, react inside of is as many moments we can be aware and slow enough to drop in to.

We stay, and we breathe.

We create the space to show up for the breath, we breathe in the discomfort of the stillness and we stay to breathe through it.

We stay, and we feel.

Without an attachment or a belief that the feelings become who we are, it gets to be safe to stay in the experience of them and move the energy of the emotion through our bodies.

We stay, and we see.

We hold a gaze and we witness the truth of a person. We see the truth of ourselves. We see the truth of the ones we're in relationship with - our partner, our children, our family, our friends, our community. We don't see inside of our perception, but we see clearly their truth and we stay... long enough so that we are seen, so that we see our people.

We stay, and we listen.

Without reaction to respond, we slow enough to stay and to hear. To be present, and to learn. To be available and to understand.

We stay, and we love.

We soften and experience ourselves and others through the lens of wholeness. With love over fear or judgment or expectation. We stay, and we stay gently.

This is an invitation to notice what lives in the energy to race around all of the time. The mind and the body following to move to the next thing. Pushing. Running. Doing. On and on and on. An invitation to simply notice.

And to begin to stay.

Where we can create a deeper connection. In this slowness. In presence.

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