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Simply, Move

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I’m talking about moving for our mental wellness. About sim.ply moving.

Let those two words sink in, and make it something you can accomplish for yourself, for your life. SIMPLY, MOVE. and in a way that feels right for you in this state, in this season, in this moment.

Like Nourishing our Bodies for our Mental Wellness Live Coaching in the Mental Wellness Warriors Community and Blog Post, go and catch the replay and have a read if you missed it. When it comes to our physical being ask yourself, HOW do you want to show up, and feel? Energized, calm, clear, alive? Mmmm hmmm

There is a connection between our brain and body. Hel-Lo. Mind, Body, Spirit.

It’s alllll connected. You know that. Our mental health can make our bodies rush around, or it can paralyze us. Movement and our brain health is interconnected. Movement will reduce anxiety and depression, improve your mood, minimize stress, enhance the function of your mind. We know all of this.

We know that moving our bodies enhances the feel-good chemicals in our brains for improved move and decreased stress. Like alllll the things we know are good for our mental wellness. Am I right?

Here’s the thing. The motivation to move my body doesn’t come naturally to me. I just have to do it, or I won’t. Do you know what I mean by that? I can’t stop and think about it for one second because in one second, I’m going to talk myself out of it.

I’m not here to tell you to commit to seven days in the gym or to sign yourself up for triathlon, to run five miles a day starting TODAY. I’m here to tell you to move in a way that feels good for you. If you’re still not sure what that is, then you do need to try some things to figure it out, ok?

I am going to tell you it will support your mental wellness in one of the biggest ways. And you know I’m all about the baby steps to make a massive shift. So if that is getting up right after you read this and stretching, your moving mindfully, or putting on your coat and getting outside, or plugging into a HITT video on YouTube or blast your fave jam and dance! Do it.

I want you to figure out the type of movement that you can do, something that is real-life for you, something you can stay consistent with, committed to and show up for.

I’m talking about simply moving.

Here's how I once "simply" moved Why you need to simply move.

In the season of my life, when I had panic attacks before I knew they were panic attacks, like Forrest Gump I would literally put on my running shoes in an instant, my mind completely scrambled and fly out the front door. And I would run. And the I would get to the "old tracks", on a dead end dirt road and I would yell. I was yelling and I was running like a wild maniac. I was trying so hard to release the anxious and overpowering energy, to move it through my body.

Because we can feel that rush in our bodies or we can dead calm, paralyzed, numb.

Depressed, when you feel nothing and we need to feel. You need to get your heart beating just to know you’re still alive. Feel it. Breathe air into your lungs, just so you know you’re still breathing and release those chemicals that raise your vibe.

Stay level, not in that body rush and not in that numbness by consistently moving energy through your body. I have days when I feel it building, and I move. For me, it’s getting up in the moment I feel it and getting outside and walking, if even I have just ten minutes. I move and I breathe. And I release. And I feel alive.

• Find the movement that works for you, and also know this can change depending on what your mind and your body needs that day.

• Find a time that works for you. Is it in the morning? Is it midday on your lunch break? Mid-afternoon dance party before you pick up the kids from school or with them when they get home? Is it at night?

• What is your motivation? WHY do you need to Show UP & Move? WHY?

• Find the thing, and check in with how you feel before you do the thing and especially after. Be mindful of how you feel while you’re moving and afterward. Stay connected to WHY and stay connected to that feeling after, to help motivate you to move again. To show up over and over and over again.

• DO IT. Just do it. Before you talk yourself out of it with a million excuses. Thank you, Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule! 5-4-3-2-1 Get Up, Go.

Remember that you are SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF. That this is your LIFE.

Moving your body boosts your brain and vice versa. Period. You know this.

You know that moving your body is essential for your mental wellness.

Like alllll things you already know, you just have to get out of your own damn way.

And move.

I love you.


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