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What if, You Just Decide

I lead a community to support my fellow Warriors with mental wellness tools and empower you to use them. Here's the thing, I can give and give and give myself, my time and my energy to you and that feels so good for me.

But you need to want to feel good for you, and the BS you believe about your unworthiness to show up for you is probably what's holding you back.

Mmmmm Hmmmm. I jumped right into that one and called you out, didn't I? I'm coming in hot on this one.

I literally called myself out on the same thing this morning when I was searching for how I can help you, help yourself. Simply checking in with myself so that I can serve you better. And I nailed it right? It's what holds you back too, isn't it?

There is this cycle of self sabotage. I'm self aware of it every month it comes creeping in on me and from one high extreme and then dipping to a low holding traction on my BS belief that I'm not good enough.

The other thing I'm self aware of is that I GET TO CHOOSE. I choose what I believe about myself to be true and I GET TO DECIDE.

What if, you too, get to decide?

That's a trick question, Warrior. YOU DO. You get to decide. You get to cut into the BS you believe about yourself and your life and just super casually and simply decide. You get to decide to believe that your thoughts of your unworthiness are not your reality. You get to know, because I'm telling you right now, that a thought is just a thought. It's not a thing. It's not a real thing. It's not a truth. It's a thought.

All of the tools I give you to support your mental wellness are just things I'm throwing at you until you catch one and take action on it. Before I started to Show Up for Myself, I listened to alll the podcasts, read allll the books, knew alllll the things. Who cares. They're just things when you're so stuck on actually doing any one thing. It's self sabotage NOT too.

I'm coming at you with tough love because I need too on this.

Hear this. WHAT IF, you just decide? What if you do that? What if you just CHOOSE to do what you know is best for you and for your life. As much as you're stuck in your thoughts of unworthiness, what if you knew that it was just a thought. That it's not real? And so you [shrug it off like the BS it is] and you just decide to Show Up. To do one thing.

What's is going to be?

How do you want to feel? What is one thing that you can do and that you're going to show up for to feel that way? Every day. Consistently. That you can accomplish. That you can celebrate. That victory that will feed your motivation and kick off momentum.

See me standing in front of you and feel my hands on your cheeks holding your gaze so that you see that I see you. Hear my words, YOU.ARE.WORTHY.

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