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Where depression, anxiety can't live

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Right now, before we read on, take a deep inhale in through your nose, hold for a moment, and release out through your mouth. Ok, a couple more times. This time close, rest and relax your eyes. And breathe.

Do you feel that? That shift, grounding you into this moment?

There's a lot of power in your breath.

Coming back to your breath brings you into the present moment, where depression and anxiety and can't live. That's where you want to be.

You see, when we're depressed we're locked in the past and we're hanging on to something that we can't let go of and when we're anxious we're worried about the future... The anticipation of what we can't control. But when we're mindful we're in the right here, right now focused on our breath... on what we can control. We're hanging out in a space where depression and anxiety can't exist and we can get here any time, anywhere by connecting with our breath. Breathing in... and Breathing out. Bringing your focus back to your breath, over and over again.

Mindfulness Meditation grounds me in stillness, brings me into balance and gets me out of the chaos of my mind. It's a gift to myself and it's a gift I share with other women in Meditation Circle in my local community.

Mindulness Meditation actually

• Naturally increases serotonin to stabilize our mood

• Reduces stress-like feelings like overwhelm, tension and worry associated with depression and anxiety.

• Reduces the process of going over and over a scenario in your head (hands up!) and the repetition of thoughts and concerns, not worrying about something that happened in the past or is yet to come and

• Improves our quality of sleep.

And if do you feel increased anxiety or depression before sleep, TRY THIS - Leave a journal, notepad beside your bed and jot down your tomorrow to do list if that's what's running through your mind or simply put your pen to paper and journal gratitude. Then lay in bed and gently breathe in for four counts, then hold two counts and breathe out for four counts. Repeat.

I've got you. xo

Grab the FREE Mindfulness for Mental Wellness guide with my FIVE fave & simple ways to practice mindfulness PLUS a Guided Mindfulness Meditation! My GIFT to you.

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