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You Will Be Home Again

“You will be home again.”

Let those words sit with you for a moment and before you read any further, I’d love for you to take a deep breath and get clear on where HOME feels for you.

We were sitting and setting our intention for the Meditation & Movement for Anxiety Workshop we led this month, and Aleah shared the most beautiful words with me that are still ringing in my soul almost a week later.

They were exactly the words I needed to ground myself this month, and they’re yours too if you need them.

Aleah’s husband gets credit for them because they came from his mouth quite literally when they were stranded stateside with a broken down vehicle and their baby in the middle of the night. She had herself so worked up in panic and he calmed her by bringing her back down into the truth that she would be home again. She forever carries those words with her and so will I and I hope you will too.

Because in the instant she said them, I felt grounded. I felt safe and secure and overcome with emotion by the power in that. In the knowing that in any moment, you can come home. Where home is in stillness. The beautiful knowing that I can get there in any moment, out of the overwhelm and the chaos of my mind that can spiral me out of my inner truth, with the simple power of my breath. I am home.

As synchronicity would have, I pulled the book off my aunt’s bookshelf that same day, The Space Within, Finding Your Way Back Home by Michael Neill.

The space within us where we are already perfect, whole and complete.

“When you rest in the feeling of this space, the warmth of it heals your mind and body. When you operate from the infinite creative potential of this space, you produce high levels of performance and creative flow. When you sit in the openness of this space with others, you experience a level of connection and intimacy which is breathtakingly enjoyable and filled with love. And when you explore this space more deeply, you find yourself growing closer and closer to the divine, even if you’re not sure there is such a thing and wouldn’t know how to talk about it if there were.

Every problem we have in life is the result of losing our bearings and getting caught up in the content of our own thinking; the solution to every one of those problems is to find our way back home.”

So tell me, where are you home?

Grounded by your senses in the woods, with the abundance of the lake, in the flow of movement, in the creation of a project, the love and light in your heart or your breath?

Wherever you find yourself home, go there often. It's quiet. It’s safe. It's real.

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