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Your First Step to Showing UP

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The first step you take toward showing up for yourself is stepping out of your own way.

Let that sink in a moment.

I've talked about feelings of unworthiness holding you back and more recently in a post on fear holding you back, but at the core it looks the same for all of us. The same thing standing in your way is what stood in mine for sooooo long, stuck in the stories written in my mental UNwellness.



It's a hard move to make, out of your own way and we'll work through that.

50% of the showing up is the awareness of WHY you're NOT showing up and moving through that and into your power for the things you will consistently show up for to feel the way you want to feel. Ok, that's not an actual stat but the moment you realize is a moment you'll feel forever. The instant I knew it wasn't my mental health holding me back anymore, that it was ME, is a moment I'll feel forever as a reminder to keep showing up.

So now, that's where we're at. What are those things?

The pillars of the foundation for my mental wellbeing and the ones I want for you are...

• Meditation & Mindfulness

• Movement & Nourishment

• Journaling & Gratitude

• Positive Affirmations & Self Talk

• Community & Connection

How does any one or all of those feel for you?

What is a pillar of your foundation that's not one of mine?

Let me know!

PS. You can hang with your fellow Warriors in our FREE Facebook Community for access to weekly work on all of these pillars for your Mental Wellness. xo

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