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Days that feel full, not busy

Updated: Apr 3

Someone said to me this weekend, "You must be so busy." And the word and the feeling makes me CRINGE.

No thank youuuuu. I don't do busy and I don't do hustle.

It's not my state of being, and I'm curious and I invite you to explore if it's the hustle that the truth of who are desires to live in.

See, we can make it mean something about who we are... The busy.

Wear it as a badge that defines our good enough-ness. Or use it as distraction from all that lives within the slowing.

What if you got still enough to take inventory on allllll the things that take up alllll the space in your life.

What if you decided to say no, to drop out of auto pilot, let go of the 'shoulds' and the programmed expectations.

Take a deep inhale and witness the state of your current being.

The way you hold your body, the anxiety that stirs in the belly, the contraction that makes it hard for the flow of the breath.

Now, release that breath.

Knowing that you don't have to go all of the time. That you can stay, and slow and be.

That you can let life be made up of days that feel full, not busy.

This week we can land inside a private meditation session, virtually or in person, to calibrate your busy to a new grounded state of being.

Where you'll think to yourself afterwards, Mmmmm hmmmmm more of this please. Way more of this.

Breathing into this new way.

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