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Remembering who we are

Updated: Apr 3

A while ago a client in session asked me the age of the women who come to breathe. I'd say between 35 and 50 years old, I told her.

She paused for a moment and said, "Isn't that interesting." And we sat together with that.

We reach a place in this life when something within us gets stronger than all of the stories and conditionings have molded us to become. We notice a nudge towards our natural self, a moment of remembering, our awareness expands. We can feel it over the noise of the entire life we've been existing in. We catch a glimpse of her or we hear her whisper, "No, not this".

We wonder, in our most intimate relationships, if our people even know us when we realize we don't even know ourselves.

We question the work we do, if this was a path we chose or if it was chosen for us.

We no longer feel like we belong in the environments that were once familiar.

We become sick of the stories we've realized we've been telling ourselves for so long, and the behaviours we've forever known haven't ever served us.

Among many other feelings, this becomes confusing and scary... and so fucking uncomfortable.

And we can't turn back or away from this moment of knowing. And the journey from here lasts a long time. So let's not let it move too fast.

This work of a lifetime to return to our truth, our wholeness.

We continue to gather more and more information about ourselves while we unbecome to become.

WE STAY WITH OUR SELF as we uncomfortably explore and beautifully discover.

We must create space to keep coming back over and over and over to remember.

The best way that I know and trust to guide us back to our truth and our wholeness is, of course, the BREATH.

I am here for this work with you and your commitment to ten consecutive one-on-one breathwork sessions to experience your own truth through your consistency to show up for this work.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is an active form of meditation that shifts our state of consciousness and supports our full mind, body and spiritual wellbeing with experiences of release, clarity, creation, relaxation, transformation, healing and awakening. It's a liberation of stagnant energy, the weight of all we hold in the body released through the breath into the spaciousness of a deeper connection to our wholeness.

​A private session is a sacred personally guided experience, held in full presence with you. An opportunity to create a more secure level of trust and safety that allows for you to go deeper and deeper into your Breathwork Journey. And deeper and deeper over so many sessions consecutively that allows the breath to do its work in session and for integration and unfolding in the space between.

With each breath, we remember.

We come closer to the truth of who we are.

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