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Stay with yourself

Maybe you're discovering that you don't know who you are and maybe you're questioning if you ever really have.

And I need you to know that...


YOU... are right here.

If you can allow yourself to arrive within yourself, right here in the best way I know how... through the breath.

Over and over again, come back to yourself right here. Over the next long, long while... breathing, discovering, loving yourself in the truth of the unknown at the surface now and the truth beneath it all.

Let it feel messy and confusing and let yourself feel a little fucking crazy questioning it all. And let yourself grieve while decade-long versions of yourself, your ways, your wants and your relationships dissolve.

Mostly and Everything...


It's all and everything you can do.

Let it all unfold as it will and let what needs to dissolve, dissolve... over time. And let everything that's ready to come into healing and wholeness, come.

All the while, you're right here.

One conscious breath at a time.

You, right here.

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