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From the mind, to the heart

The other day on a walk, our six year old said in response to his big brother, "Because my mind knows. And I trust my mind."

I sat with it for a moment before saying, "The heart knows, sweetie. Trust the heart."

Interestingly enough and so it goes, on this day a Sister was stuck in her mind.

She told me that her heart knows the truth, but her mind won't stop. I asked her if she wanted to breathe and she received the invitation and I guided her to the floor on a mat and covered her with a blanket, rested an eye pillow on her face and guided her into the presence of this moment, to soften into her heart space.

To anchor into the truth that lives there.

That she is whole, love, capable, worthy and enough.

You see, it's a consistent practice to move from the mind to the heart.

A hand over the heart, maybe a gentle massage to awaken the truth that lives there.

A million times a day when it's what we need.

A million times a day for myself last year in a hard season when my soul needed to return to love. An intentional ritual, a hand over the heart, a softening into that space. A coming back home.

If we stay in the mind, we stay in the cycles.

The mind is a storyteller. The heart, a truth teller.

And though I travel the beautiful trip of the mind, it's the heart we let lead us and the heart that we lead from.

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