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Self Love is Showing Up


Apparently it's National Self Love Day? That feels about the same as the way the two words rolled off my tongue in Meditation Circle this week. Annoying.

But take away the buzz word feels and diving deeper into ways you can love yourself more, or at all and I'm all in.

In Circle, Self Love meant no longer "going with the flow" of everyone else's ideas and fine-tuning the circle of who you surround yourself with. It meant forgiving yourself for making bad choices you knew were bad and moving into trusting your intuition and making choices from a place of self worth. It meant being right there, in Circle, connecting with your breath and with tools to support you everyday. It meant "IT'S OK" to feel and to do what YOU need too, for YOU. Ahhhhh, and it meant stop talking shit about yourself.

It means self awareness, rest, grounding, saying yes to what feels good and no to what doesn't. It means knowing you're enough, as you are, in the moment, human. That you are worthy of loving yourself and worthy of receiving love from others.

It means SHOWING UP FOR YOURSELF, knowing you're worth it and that the world needs you. It means waking up to the mantra, "Today, I Show Up for Myself" and committing to daily rituals to FEEL how you want to feel, knowing that you get to choose.


• That you get to release old stories and rewriting new ones. You get to decide.

• Getting Clear on what's important to you and aligning your life to show up for those things and saying no to everything outside of those things.

• It's living your life intentionally and on purpose.

• It's finding something that excites you, lights a fire in you, fuels a passion.

• It's creating a strong action plan for your life and knowing you're fully supported.

It's not simply existing anymore, but feeeeeling and livvvvvving your life.

Here's a little Self-Loving in the Morning GIFT for you.

I love you.


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