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Ways to replenish between seasons

Updated: Apr 3

I've pulled the same card over and over the past week.

For myself, for those guided in private meditation sessions, for us.

The call for us to retreat and to rest and be held.

We are between seasons now.

Hibernation to Awakening.

When I felt the rise into the energy of a new season recently, I very quickly experienced the pull to slow again. To stay. To still. I received the message that it's not quite time. Just yet.

Message received. Because when we aren't nurturing our inner being we tend to seek that comfort from the outside world. In the human experience, we are reaching for something to ground us. But we know just what we need, don't we?

We just need to slow enough to allow ourselves to feel what our soul needs now.

It's about finding your medicine in between these seasons.

Knowing that it might shift from what you've needed to nourish yourself before.

More sleep perhaps as you integrate the inner work from the past season.

A deeper experience with the breath to slow energy, to find your centre.

Moving through the trails or time at the water, held by Mother Earth in receiving energy.

A different form of movement, intuitively following a flow with the body.

Holding yourself here, finding footing here, moving stagnancy, opening.

Creating in ways that bring you back home and being with it without force and gently.

Saying one thousand 'No's' because you know now that it's not time.

In honour of deep replenishment now.

It's almost time to EMERGE.

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