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We are cyclical beings

Updated: Apr 15

There's an energy now that comes with the rise into a new season. This season specifically.

A beautiful aliveness.

But also an urgency.

Can you feel it? In between the past season of rest and slowing and existing within ourselves into the new feeling of emerging and ready to rise.

We must still remember to breathe. To slow the rush. To let it be steady and gentle and juicy as it all unfolds.

I'm making decisions this week towards big shifts into alignment for myself and my family as I do naturally with every new season. Because what felt good in the last three months doesn't feel good moving forward from here. It never does.

We get to honour that we are cyclical beings.

Not resist the change that calls us.

Our shifts, flow and transformation gets to be beautiful work.

An empowered creation for ourselves and our lives.

Let movement be the medicine that shakes up stagnant energy through the body.

Let the breath in stillness be the medicine that invites clarity.

Let our choice be the power to make change in this next season.

Meet yourself in this moment, in between seasons, and explore...

What has felt really good in the last three months?

What has begun to feel depleting... exploring habits, patterns, tangible items, commitments, schedules and relationships?

What's bringing you life-force energy now? What do you know you're ready for?

Where can you pivot from here to move into alignment with your truth, your desires, a new way of being in this next season?

We can be clear, certain and ready for what's next AND we can move gently, with ease and take it alllllll in along the way... fully grounded.

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